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The Nazoreans (Nā-zar-ē-inz) have always been the leaders in scriptural truth. The Western world has the Bible, and it (the Bible) influences families, communities, and nations.

The Nazoreans are responsible for one of the two prophetic schools of ancient Israel and Judah. Our academy holds to the original Way of God – the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Our school stood against the priesthood and the other prophetic school who heavily pushed rules and regulations, taking away God-given liberty and choice under the guise of 'Control them for their own good.'


Our scriptures are in some ways identical to the Priesthood version of the Bible, but ours is missing those priesthood and prophetic portions deemed false additions to the pure and unadulterated Word of God. Ours affirms the brotherhood of mankind under one God. It is neither a document that threatens the tortures of hell, the never-quenched flames of a Lake of Fire, nor the reward of a Promised Land, Paradise, or Heaven. God never used such manipulative tactics and neither do we. We have restored the original, simplistic message of Divinity - Freely give. Our scriptures add some exciting writings from ancient Nazorean prophets purposely missing from the Priesthood version condemned by the Pauline and Roman-descended churches.

The ancient Nazoreans (Nā-zar-ē-inz) and Academy of Prophets are well known by religious academics but poorly understood.

We are sometimes called a philosophy and others mistakenly call us the Nazarenes. 

Throughout history, there was a small group that included some of the so-called Old Testament Prophets and others who strove to maintain the Way of God as a simplistic life of charity.

It is the mission of today's body of Nazoreans to reestablish the original spirit, mission, and goal of the ancient Nazoreans. ​Ours is a national and worldwide parent organization, providing charitable works in local communities.

We are a humanitarian group that does accept memberships, but unlike churches, our purpose is not to proselyte for members but rather to meet the needs of our communities - our brothers and sisters. We are your alternative to churches and synagogues.  

We want our Nazorean Academy of Prophets to be sufficient to meet needs while at times joining ranks with other charities, social organizations, or movements. We are careful to stay focused on good works, but but also concerned with excesses and corruption charged against some organizations.

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