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The Nazoreans (Nā-zar-ē-inz) are the leaders in scriptural truth. 

The Nazoreans have the two prophetic schools of ancient Israel and Judah. Our academy holds to the original Way of God – the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Our school stood against the priesthood  prophetic school who heavily pushed rules and regulations, taking away God-given liberty and choice under the guise of 'Control them for their own good.'

Our ancient scriptures affirm the brotherhood of mankind under one God. It neither threatens the tortures of hell and the never-quenched flames of a Lake of Fire, nor the reward of a Promised Land, Paradise, or Heaven. God never used such manipulative tactics and neither do we. We have restored the original, simplistic message of Divinity - Freely give. Our scriptures add some exciting writings from ancient Nazorean Initiates, Sages, and  prophets purposely missing from the Priesthood version condemned by the Pauline and Rome-descended churches.

The Jerusalem Nazorean group, the first and only disciples of both Jesus and John the Baptist, are all but completely ignored by the New Testament. Early in Acts, the Bible becomes The Story of Paul. Why? Paul has extreme animosity for the Jerusalem group. He sarcastically calls them the so-called super apostles. Funny thing is, Paul invented the term apostle because he didn't meet the qualifications as stated IN the Bible to be one of the Twelve. The Twelve had sat under the direct ministry of Eshu, Aramaic for Jesus, and were Initiates of Jesus, the Bar Enash, the Son of Man Messiah as opposed to the Ben-David Messiah of the Pharisees expected to be king. 

The Nazorean Initiates did things that the mainstream church did not. They were contemplative. They meditated. They walked in the Way of God, the divine Path. That Path required looking inward. The NT completely misses the mark when they translate the Greek - the kingdom of God. The Aramaic requires the 'Reign of God' - a totally different, very active VERB rather than NOUN. Jesus taught the Initiate to go inward where the Reign of God begins. That should give a whole new meaning to "The kingdom of God is within you."

Nazoreans do not get caught up in doctrines and dogma. We are concerned with: How have you helped your neighbor today? We don't dissect and quantify God.

World Headquarters for the  Nazoreans  (Nā-zar-ē-inz) and Academy of Prophets.

John the Baptist and Jesus both were identified as Nazoreans. The Way of Life was simple: Help your neighbor. Jesus sent his disciples forth with one bit of instruction - When you see someone in need, help them. Cold? Give them clothes. Hungry? Provide food. In prison? Visit them and show care and concern. Widows and Orphans? Help them survive.


This message never changed. The Twelve were sent out with this message. Later, the Rich young Ruler was given the same message of living a Life according to the True Torah and helping his neighbor through generosity, Soon before crucifixion,   the parable of the Sheep and Goats tells a graphic story of the necessity of charitable generosity.  The Twelve continued this tradition.

Along came Paul, who did not meet the established qualifications of being a member of the Twelve. Therefore he invented a new term: Apostle. Paul became an apostle, the first and only self-appointed messenger of God. He admitted that he did not know Jesus and that his doctrines did not come from the Twelve. He claimed he learned his doctrines from visionary encounters with the ghost of the risen Jesus. He invented a new gospel, one that saved Christians (his Gentile followers) from their sins and subsequently from the ravaging flames of eternal hellfire. No longer was the good news "help your neighbor".  It became "Ask Jesus to save you from who you are."

It is the mission of today's body of Nazoreans to reestablish the original spirit, mission, and goal of the ancient Nazoreans. ​Ours is a national and worldwide parent organization, providing charitable works in local communities.

We are a humanitarian group that does accept memberships, but unlike churches, our purpose is not to proselyte for members but rather to meet the needs of our communities - our brothers and sisters. We are your alternative to churches and synagogues.  

We want our Nazorean Academy of Prophets to be sufficient to meet needs while at times joining ranks with other charities, social organizations, or movements. We are careful to stay focused on good works, but also concerned with excesses and corruption charged against some organizations.

“The life of a man consists not in seeing       visions and dreaming dreams,  but in   active charity and willing service.”

                 -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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