The Nazoreans found their Voice during the era of Adam - the first to proclaim the Way. The Nazorean Prophets continued through the one Voice of many, including Seth, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Micah, Malachi, John the Baptist and Jesus the Nazorean.

The Nazoreans were not limited to descendants of Israel. Their origins predated the establishment of Israel, Abraham, and even Noah - all the way back to Adam through Seth and other children of Adam, but not Cain. The Nazoreans were not relegated to any particular nation or ethnic identity. 


The Priesthood, in opposition, established an ethnic or nationalistic priority of us versus them (Israel vs. everybody else).  The priesthood itself established a stranglehold over the populace. The regulations of the Temple-cult made the priesthood rich through annual, renewable intimidation: "You are the people of God. Your relationship falls short. Pay us the required offering, sacrifice, and tribute and you will be good for a year." The true prophets saw and condemned this con game.  

Modern Nazoreans don't pretend to be the Nazoreans of Old. We have the same beliefs, but we live in a modern world. We do not try to replicate the dress and limitations of ancient times. We utilize modern discoveries, the internet, transportation, and will weigh in on whether something is moral, amoral, or immoral. We do NOT endorse political candidates.


The Priesthood

The Priesthood were and are the enemies of the Nazorean Prophets. They were and are legalistic, establishing laws that essentially replaced freedom with regulations, claiming the ongoing, expanding jurisprudence to be of divine origin.  They turned Salvation into a fear-driven, self-serving plea of 'What can God do for me?' True Salvation is an act of giving to those in need. We bestow salvation to others.


There is another Priesthood equally the enemy of the Nazoreans - the Pauline Priesthood. Such a statement seems like nonsense; after all, was not the self-proclaimed Apostle Paul the enemy of Jewish Law and legalism? Yes he was. But, he established an alternate Priesthood with his own church pecking order, rules, and regulations. More on this later.

The Nazoreans rejected the authority of Abraham because he established his own priesthood by building altars and practicing sacrifice and circumcision; also he recognized the Melchizedek priesthood.  Nazoreans reject Moses who established the Levitical priesthood. 

The ramifications of the Nazoreans' rejection of the entire priesthood is extreme and necessary. They (We) have never picked and chosen what they accepted and rejected and never sought a priesthood restoration. All the priesthood is rejected as man-made. Therefore, the priestly passages of the Tanach (Old Testament) are rejected. Rejected passages include the origin narrative, the fall, clean and unclean animals, circumcision, sacrifice, Seventh day Sabbath, a coming Messiah, a definitive resurrection of the soul, and the entire Temple-cult system.   

The Prophets

The Nazorean Prophets have always had a consistent charity-based message:

When you see someone with basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothes, water,  health, and loneliness - help bring them back to a state of wholeness and health. Wholeness is the true meaning of Salvation. The Nazorean brings healing, food, companionship to those in need. In this way, those in need are saved in a real, tangible Way. It is not a religious or spiritual epiphany except being given the blessing of helping those in need.

In modern times, the prophets add sanitation, education, and healthcare to the basics. We live in a land and era of wealth and this requires us to raise the bar. 

Keep the Moral Laws:

Treat your neighbor as you would have them treat you.

Resist anger, lust, covetousness, ego, and the desire toward altered consciousness such as alcohol, et. al.. 

Develop healthy habits and routines.

Cover your basic needs and generously share your excesses.


Every local Nazorean Academy has an ordained minister who can perform marriages. Ceremony performed will be unique to the Nazorean system.

It is the responsibility of the marrying couple to provide the valid marriage license, identification, and all items used before, during, and after the ceremony. 

A small fee may be charged.


The Nazoreans do not practice Confession. However, everyone needs an ear to listen from time to time. We will do our best to be that ear.

In some cases we may recognize that you should speak with a professional counselor such as psychologist or psychiatrist. Please do not be offended. We know our limitations and want what is best for you. 

Anointing the Sick

We do not practice laying on of hands or any listed gift of the Spirit as laid down by Paul in the Christian Bible.


We do practice and encourage prayer, meditation, and contemplation.  Some ministers may be Reiki Masters. Others could possibly be licensed medical doctors. It is between you and your local minister as to how to proceed with your needs and illnesses.

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