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Life After Death


The question is inherently nonsense. Life can’t Die and Death can’t Live. Life is Alive and Death is Dead. Think about it. It’s one of those concepts that will drive you crazy if you let it.


You may argue: “Life DOES die because the body of a person is alive and it dies.” There’s a problem with that logic. The Body is not alive. It is dead. It is GIVEN the semblance of Life when the Soul enters it. The Soul is alive. The Body cannot live without the Soul. When the Soul departs the Body, it (the Body) decays.


From where does the Soul come? Now we’ve got a great question. A real question that has meaning. The Soul comes from the Place of Souls. We don’t know anything more than that. There is a place where Souls live their lives. They enter a Body when given that job. It’s an assignment. They live there until they are called home to the Treasury of Souls also called the Tree of Life. You can call that home Heaven if you wish or Hell if you want to be a bit judgmental about a person’s inner qualities.


The Universe, our World, is a place of polarities. Left requires Right. Left cannot exist without Right. Up requires Down. Inside requires Outside. Good requires Evil. Good cannot exist without Evil. Good people require Bad people. There has to be opposites to achieve balance. If we had no victims there would be no heroes. By analogy, we are all actors and we live out our characters, our personas, and when the play is over, we take our bow and the curtain folds and the play is over as far as our character is concerned.


The Soul retains the experiences of the Body. That does not mean that you think and behave like you did when embodied. It simply means you have the memories of the experiences and feelings. When stripped of your Body, your Soul is better equipped to deal with your inner demons.


Your Soul may and probably will find a second home… a second Body to inhabit with which to gain new experiences… and a third, and fourth, and so on.


The Soul comes from God. One day it will return to the Essence of God and God will absorb and retain your experiences. God knows how to handle them, so don’t worry. God was there all the time.


Life only knows how to Live. It knows nothing experientially of Death. This makes the question: Is there Life after Death, an unnecessarily conundrum. Life lives; Bodies return to dust.

“Life is real! Life is earnest!

And the grave is not its goal;

Dust you are, to dust you return,

Was not spoken of the soul.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Voices of the Night


From dust the Body came and to dust the Body returns; this is the Nature of the Body. It is not a living thing. Its Nature is as a mineral and to that it returns.


The Soul, on the other hand, was always alive, and it will always continue to live.


The Soul is Real; it is MORE REAL than the body. Now we are entering the domain of the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven. It is within, not outside of us. The realm of God is within us, in the Soul, NOT the Body. Therein lies our Essence

Is There Life After Death?

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